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Upgrading to FAPTurbo 48

Upgrading to FAP Turbo 48 is really not a big deal. Not much was known about the details of the new FAP Turbo 48 when I wrote my previous post, FAP Turbo 48 Released, but we’ve learned the details since then and here’s the low down.

Turns out very little has changed with the new FAP Turbo 48 aside from a few default settings and a new expiration date for the license.

New Default Settings

For the scalper mode they changed the default EndWorkTime times for the trading session to 23:30 as well as tightened the stop loss values a bit for the various pairs. And that’s about it!

The EndWorkTime as specified by the FAP Turbo default settings is one EndWorkTime for all pairs which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me given that different currency pairs behave diffrently and should have different EndWorkTime values.

I think because there is only one setting in their settings section that must fit all pairs they are forced to choose one value they think will be a best fit for all the pairs. Unfortunately this is not necessarily the best end time for each individual pair.

I recommend you continue with the end times we’ve set up in our scalper settings section in the members area.

Although they have tightened their stop losses, following our lead just like last time, I still think they are not quite tight enough on some of the pairs so again I recommend you stick with the stop loss values we’ve indicated in our scalper settings section.

New License Expiration

The other reason for the upgrade to FAP Turbo 48 is the new expiration date on the license. The current version is set to expire on September 13th 2009 and the new license for v 48 will not expire until January 16, 2010.

The whole licensing thing probably seems like a pain in the ass to most, but there is some logic behind it … at least for the FAP Turbo guys.

If FAP Turbo didn’t use the license expiration mechanism to force everyone to upgrade to the current version then they would have the enormous support issue of having to support a dozen different versions of the product at one time. This is not desirable to say the least.

Having said that, it turns out that the latest version FAP Turbo 48 download contains files for both FAP Turbo 47 and FAP Turbo 48 so you can choose to continue with the old version 47 if you want to. The reason they did this is because the only real changes they made were to the defaults mentioned above and therefore allowing traders to continue using the version 47 doesn’t really pose a support issue for them.

I recommend upgrading to the new FAP Turbo 48 just to be on the same page as everyone else. Besides if you use our recommended settings the defaults in the new version 48 will get changed anyway.

However, if you’re stuck on sticking with version 47 you will still need to replace the fapturbo3.dll file that comes in the new version 48 download. This file contains the license mechanism that lets your robot trade in to the new year.

The Upgrade Process

Upgrading is easy and here are the steps.

  1. Turn off MetaTrader (make sure there are no open trades first!)
  2. Download the new FAP Turbo ZIP Archive from the FAP Turbo website download area
  3. Unzip the file. You will find a number of files after unziping.
  4. Copy the fapturbo3.dll file to the “experts/libraries” folder under your meta trader folder which is usually under your “programs folder”. Be sure you are copying it to the correct meta trader folder as each broker usually installs it’s own meta trader folder and sometimes people copy the files to a metatrader folder for an old broker they’re no longer using.
  5. Then copy the version of the FapTurbo******.ex4 that you want to trade with over to the “experts” folder under your meta trader folder as discussed above. This will most likely be the new version 48 so the file to copy is FapTurbo48_Build225.ex4
  6. That’s it. Turn Meta trader back on and the new version FAP Turbo 48 should be ready to go

This is really just basic file copying, nothing more. If you need help with understanding file copying I suggest grab the closest computer nerd to help you out. It should only take them 2 minutes to do this.

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Comment by Richard Thornton
2009-09-13 01:45:18


I noticed in the FAPTurbo Evolution settings for the EUR/CHF the start work time is 20:00 GMT while this setting for v48 of FAPTurbo is 19:00 GMT. Why the difference in start time? Should the start time for both robots be the same? If so, which start time should it be?

Any idea when you will provide more optimal settings for FT’s long-term strategy for the EUR/USD?



Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-13 21:52:14

Hi Richard,

They are different and it’s not a typo. The settings we came up with were what worked best for us with Dukascopy. Sometimes different brokers can have slightly different settings which only come out in testing.

We are currently revisiting the scalper settings for both Evolution and for the v48 and will probably be making a few minor adjustments in the next few days.

I would stick with the 19GMT for now.

Regarding the long term settings … we posted them the other night. :)


Comment by Shaun Nichols
2009-09-13 21:29:05

Does the activation key for my live account change after I do finish the copy paste?

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-13 21:48:16

No. You shouldn’t have to worry about reactivating.


Comment by Tony G
2009-09-14 18:53:09

Hi Rob,

I followed these steps, but I’m getting the activation message. I plugged in my old activation ID, but that doesn’t seem to help. It appears as if I cannot re-activate my real money account on the site. Is there a way to fix this on my end, or do I need to contact FAP Turbo support?


- Tony

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 21:36:58

Hi Tony,

You shouldn’t have had to do anything to reactivate. It should have just worked like it does for most people.

I would close down metatrader and try reinstalling the new files again.

If that doesn’t work and the activation key doesn’t seem to work you’ll have to contact FAP Turbo about it.

If you’re using the same broker account then the same activation key should still work.


Comment by Steve Miller
2009-09-15 18:38:35

I followed the above instructions (for the first time. I am still in ‘demo mode’), and find the file copying to be straight-forward, but this does not get my VPS updated, or does it?

I had VPS installation work done for me, so much of that is quite abstract still.


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 21:39:25

Hi Steve,

No this will not get things upgraded on the VPS. I’m not sure what VPS service you’re using, but yes, you will need to either use your VPS to upgrade the files or get them to do it for you.

the Gallant VPS that comes free with our custom price feed is pretty straight forward to upgrade and they have excellent support to help you if you need it.


Comment by George Broglia
2009-09-18 03:35:42

In demo mode, I changed the scalper stop loss to 48 as recommended on the usd/cad pair but when fap turbo placed a trade my stop loss was set 225 pips over the price. What happened? I wound up resetting the stop loss manually.

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-20 23:45:06

Hi George,

This is because you have the stealth mode setting turned on … which is a good thing.

When the stealth more is turned on when the order is placed it will set the stop loss and take profit at the broker to be higher than the actual value it will use. This is to ensure your broker does not know the real SL or TP you are using so they can not take advantage of you with their various tricks to trigger your SL on purpose.

This was mostly an issue with dealer desk types of brokers, but i generally leave it on for all brokers.

What will happen is that although the trade is placed with these larger than normal SL and TP, FAP Turbo will monitor the trade and when when it hits the SL and TP that you set in the settings it will immediately execute a market order to close the order.

So no worries, FAP Turbo will respect your SL and TP values and execute them accordingly.

This is the reason you never want to turn off your computer if there are open trades with FAP Turbo.


Comment by heywood miles
2009-09-18 13:37:56

Hi Rob

I have just joined FAP Turbo Expert Guide and not received any email or information about how to tweak FAP Turbo, could really do with some help …..


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-20 23:52:00

Hi Heywood,

Welcome aboard.

our records show you registered on the 17th and then logged in to your account again on the 18th.

When you log in you are immediately in the members area. All the information for tweaking FAP Turbo are available there through the left sidebar menu where there are about 35 menu items that will take you to all aspects of the FAP Turbo guide.

Also, right there on the members area main page is the big 4 steps to getting started. I suggest you start there.


Comment by Computers & Tech
2009-09-19 04:05:05

Hey there,
Great blog, I just came across it and I’m already a fan.

Comment by Jose Oliver
2009-09-22 19:59:53

Keep it up, Rob. You’re doing great! Cheers!


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