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New FAP Turbo Long Term Settings For EURUSD Kick Ass

Our new, and much anticipated, FAP Turbo Long Term EURUSD settings have been posted to the members area and they kick ass on the default settings from FAP Turbo!

Just before posting our new settings we decided to do a side by side comparison with the defaults from the new FAP Turbo 48 that was released a couple weeks ago. The results were significant …

FAP Turbo 48 Default Settings
Using the default settings and FAP Turbo recommended lot size for a $10,000 account the following results were obtained:

Net Profit:      ($560.05)
Drawdown:      24.00%
Profit Trades:  68.42%

The default settings for the long term strategy actually showed a loss for the past year with our test, which could be one of the reasons why the highly successful scalper strategy has been the primary trading strategy for FAP Turbo traders.

It’s interesting to note that trades 17 through 31 represents that period beginning near the end of October 2008 when the US banks began to fail and the economic crisis really began to spiral out of control. At this time the USD was pretty crazy as the ripple began to move through the financial world.

Trend following at this time was pretty erratic which is why the default settings failed to properly identify the trends (or lack of) at that time and there were subsequently a lot of losing trades. Scalper strategies, on the other hand, are short term and do not need long term trends to be profitable which is probably why there has been so many scalper strategies this past 6 months.

FAP Turbo 48 Expert Guide Settings
Our custom settings were achieved through exhaustive back testing, with all optimization done with out-of-sample data, and then further forward tested with additional out-of-sample data to ensure robustness. The following are the results of our custom settings:

Net Profit:      $9545.96
Drawdown:      17.78%
Profit Trades:  95.98%

Not only did our settings turn a significant profit (doubling in value), but we also had a lower draw down and a much higher percentage of profitable trades compared to the FAP Turbo default settings. Overall a much more robust system with significantly better performance.

Our custom settings allowed us to get in and out of trades much more quickly and therefore were less likely to get burned during that bad period beginning last October which was the downfall of most trend following systems last year.

Our custom settings also significantly increased our trading opportunities from only 5 or 6 a month to about 35 trades a month. These adjustments almost make this system seem like a scalping strategy but it is still very much a trend following strategy.

Lastly, of significant note is the fact that we trade the EURUSD on the 5 MIN chart, NOT the 1 MIN chart as suggested by FAP Turbo.

Get the FAP Turbo EURUSD Settings Here

In a recent email broadcast from the FAP Turbo team and the FOREX Guru Club they were quoted as saying

“We from the Forex Guru Club have done an in depth check of the guide and can only recommend it for those who want to put the trading odds in their favor. Its a great written guide with videos and frequently updated. Rob put`s all his programming and analyzing skills into this guide and shows things that even we have overlooked

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Comment by Peter Nightingale
2009-09-13 18:43:04


Thanks for the updated Long Term Strategy. I have now set it up on demo to see how it performs on Alpari UK. One question - does it still trade even though FapTurbo displays the following message: “Wrong Timeframe of Currency Pair”



Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-13 22:15:13

Hi Peter,

Yes it still trades. In fact the message should disappear after a second or two. The most common reason people see this message is because they forgot to change the setting

UseScalperStrategy = FALSE

in the scalper setting section.

FAP Turbo has been able to trade the EURUSD on other time frames since version 47, I think they mention is in their users guide, but since they said they optimized it for M1 most people never bothered to play with the other time frames.


Comment by Richard Thornton
2009-09-13 21:19:18


I guess I don’t understand the need for the trailing stop given the small take profit level you have. With such a low take profit setting it seems that the stop loss will never be moved up. How does the trailing stop setting help with the profitability of FT’s long-term strategy?

It seems to me that a stop of of 500 pips is too big. The average daily volatility over the past 365 trading day for the EUR/USD pair is roughly 190 pips (per Would a stop loss in the range of 200 - 250 pips have improved the profitability of your back testing of FT’s long-term strategy?


Richard Thornton

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-13 22:25:39

Hi Richard,

Good question. We were a little dumbfounded ourselves when we discovered this in our testing. It’s one of the reasons we delayed releasing the results.

We had to go back over it many times with our testing and it turns out it makes a clear difference. If you test it yourself I’m confident you’ll come to the same conclusion that it matters.

The stop loss is quite large and we did test significantly with lower settings but found that much lower settings like you are suggesting absolutely killed the performance in the long run. The way the long term strategy works it requires a lot of breathing room to trade successfully.

If you set the stop loss as low as you are suggesting you’ll find that you will have a very much lower win rate and will not have enough wins to make up for the large losses.

The strategy is very good at picking up the long term trend so if you can wait out the open drawdowns it usually recovers because it’s got the long term trend nailed down.

With very much lower stops like you suggest it gets stopped out on noise (at lease it’s noise for the scale of the trend).

In the end testing wins out over what we would have suspected in the beginning.


Comment by Michael Harris
2009-09-14 01:35:09


On my machine, I don’t see the broker info like I do on the scalper settings.. and I’ve checked everything.. I remember it used to show info for the long term strategy also.. So I KNOW that there is something I’m forgetting.. thanx

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 20:57:09

Hi Michael,

Not sure. It seems to be working fine on all of my machines.

In the settings for the FAP Turbo there is a setting way down at the bottom for printing the log on the screen. make sure this is set to true and it should work fine.


Comment by Peter Nightingale
2009-09-14 08:00:51


Thanks for the prompt answer. The message has now dissappeared.



Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 20:57:38

You’re very welcome Peter.


Comment by Matthew Broadbent
2009-09-14 08:51:56

Hi Rob

Thanks for this, and for the comments afterwards.

I’m just opening up live accounts at the moment. I’m planning on starting small too, putting just £2,000 in to the account for FAPTurbo Scalper, and will be using medium settings strategy 3.

Given you have just released your settings for FAP Long Term, do you think it makes sense to have a separate live account purely for this strategy? Otherwise, will the stop loss size actually prevent it from trading if, for example I have several trades open under scalper on the same account.

Thanks and look forward to hearing.


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 21:01:26

Hi Matthew,

It shouldn’t be a problem. If it is then you are probably trading with too large a position size. Because even with the large potential open drawdowns with the long term settings you should be no where near your margin limits.

Given your account size though I suggest you trade only with micro lots on the long term settings.


Comment by forexer
2009-09-15 09:59:00

Great answer

Comment by Filippo D'Asaro
2009-09-15 23:12:28

Hey Rob. Just wanted to say that I’ve been demo testing your settings for the long-term trades and I have to say that the results have been excellent, not a single losing trade so far but still a very active strategy.
One question; as the account grows, will the size of the trades the FAPT long-term bot makes grow larger? I don’t just want to see $20 trades on a $10000 account. Don’t get me wrong, a profit is a profit, but I would hope that a larger account would yield some larger trades.
Thanks for the awesome settings!

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 21:12:40

Hi Filippo,

Great to hear your success with the settings. I’ve been getting a lot of emails like that today :)

If you are using automoney management as I’ve described in the settings then your account will begin to trade larger position sizes as it grow. The LotRiskReductor (LRR) value will ensure this.

If you look at the chart above in the post you’ll see a little green bar chart at the bottom. This is the position size fore each trade. You can see that it increases and decreases the size of the trade as the account size changes.

Of course if you want to take on more risk you can always increase your LRR value, but be sure you understand how to properly calculate this so you understand how much risk you are actually taking with each trade. It’s actually pretty easy to do and there is a whole section on how to do this easily in the members area.

Congrats again on your trades!


2009-09-16 09:32:06

2009.09.16 10:28:22 Cannot open file ‘C:\Program Files\MetaTrader - Alpari UK\experts\indicators\Alligator.ex4′ on the EURUSD

Hi, I have loaded in the settings but have had no trades yet. In the Experts tab at bottom of screen I get the message above being repeated endlessly. Is this normal or is there some kind of problem

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 21:21:45

Hi Eddie,

You won’t get any trades as long as you’re seeing that error.

It sounds like an upgrade/installation problem because the robot is looking for a certain bit of code and not finding it.

I wrote a small bit about upgrading to FAP Turbo 48 here that might help.

It is most certainly an install problem though.


Comment by Jason Bryant
2009-09-16 18:23:14


6 EUR/USD trades in 2 days and all winners! Thanks for the settings.

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-16 21:13:53

you are most welcome Jason!

I’ve got some new seriously kicking ass scalper settings about to be releases as well that really rock as well.


2009-09-17 03:50:04

Thanks Rob, I’m also getting the same message on other demos I’m running, the one above is my live account with alpari UK. After reading your reply I thought the issue might be something to do with the MT4 so I reinstalled Alpari and then reinstalled FT but the problem is still there, I read your piece again about installing VER48. I didnt go through the procedure you described. I just went to the FT download page and installed through the link as I did as if I was installing for the first time. Scalping is running ok and I get the smiley face plus the account info on the left hand side of EUR/USD chart. I dont know whats wrong. Can you help any further?. I dont expect you to post this but an e-mail reply would be greatly appreciated

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-17 07:03:06

Hi Eddie,

I apologize I wasn’t more on the ball when I first responded. Multitasking has a way of numbing the mind …

Anyway, the error you’re getting is that the FAP Turbo long term strategy is telling you it can’t open the file

C:\Program Files\MetaTrader - Alpari UK\experts\indicators\Alligator.ex4

Have you looked in the folder

C:\Program Files\MetaTrader - Alpari UK\experts\indicators

to see if the file Alligator.ex4 is actually there or not?

It should have been part of your Metatrader install from Alpari. It’s a file that is part of most Metatrader installs from other brokers and is used by FAP Turbo.

It’s possible it’s missing for some reason or it’s possible it’s corrupted.

If you have any other meta trader installs from other brokers you could go look in the corresponding folder for those metatrader installs and copy the file from there over to your Alpari - UK folders.

This should clear up the problem.


Comment by yeong kar kin
2009-09-17 10:36:59

Hi Rob,

I got very good results on the long term setting.Thanks for the setting.

I set scalper_OneOpenTrade for the four pairs. But I am surprised to see that there are more than One opened trade ….

After I checked the setting, the four pairs were not using the same magic number….Is this be the reason?


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 20:49:47

Hi Kar,

Thanks for the comments. A lot of people are getting good results with the new long term settings. Keep in mind though that it is a long term strategy so there will be ups and downs.

The problem with the OneOpenTrade is very likely the magic numbers not being the same. FAP Turbo uses the magic number to identify which EAs and charts are FAP Turbo and therefore which ones it can coordinate with.

Just change the magic numbers to be the same.


2009-09-17 15:13:20

Rob, many thanks for the reply. I thought about it myself after posting and went into the metatrader folder just as you described. Lo and behold there was no Alligator ex4 file there.Thing was though it also seemed to be missing on other demos as well. I assumed that it was a download problem so I contacted Fapturbo support. The guy on the phone knew what was wrong and immediately sent me an Alligator ex4 file by e-mail. I have now installed it and am waiting for some trades. This is something others should watch out for and check your experts tab on MT4 if you are not getting trades on Robs settings. Again many thanks for your valuable assistance.
Eddie @Rob Casey -

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 20:50:39

Hi Eddie,

You’re very welcome. I’m glad that solver your problem.


Comment by Craig Zurcher
2009-09-21 17:17:24

Hi Rob,
Question concerning long term, these new settings you have, can I use with a $500 account or do you not suggest it? I will be using FXCBS as broker. I see you are looking at another broker, which unfortunately I won’t be able to use because it seems like we don’t wire in this country (South Africa), if we do, it’s a big mission to get it going
By the way, when is the new scalpers coming out? ;)

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 20:59:15

Hi Craig,

I don’t recommend the long term strategy for those with $500 accounts in general because the large stop loss needed to follow long term trends.

If your broker supports micro lots then you might be able to do it but I think you’d be better off scalping with our new scalper settings.

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