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How to Beat FAP Turbo Settings by 250%

Our new FAP Turbo settings for the EURCHF are showing a 250% improvement over the default settings for FAP Turbo 48.

Finding the optimal settings for a Forex robot as complex as FAP Turbo is extremely time consuming and requires careful consideration when it comes to balancing profit with risk.

Our new settings strike an excellent balance between profit and risk with a 250% improvement over the default settings while showing only a 7.39% account drawdown.

Before we posted the new settings to the members area we ran our settings against the default settings so we could show you a comparison of performance.

Default FAP Turbo Settings
Using the default FAP Turbo settings for the EURCHF on a $2500 account the following results were obtained.

Net Profit:      $435.30
Drawdown:    1.57%

With the default settings the account drawdown is an impressively small 1.57% and the balance curve is a nice and smooth … but unfortunately it’s so conservative that over 118 trades it only shows a meager $435 profit!

FAP Turbo traders are looking for profits not pretty pictures and unfortunately the default settings do little more than make for nice looking graphs and fail to really nail the profits the way they should.

FAP Turbo Expert Guide Settings
Again with EURCHF on a $2500 account and the exact same time-frame our settings produced the following results.

Net Profit:      $1,523.00
Drawdown:     7.39%

A $1,523 profit as compared to a $430 profit is a 250% improvement in profit over the exact same time-frame.

Although our settings show a balance curve that is clearly not as smooth with the occasional stop loss getting hit, these stop losses being hit resulted in a maximum account drawdown of only 7.39%, which given the significant improvement in profit is really not a big deal.

Furthermore, our stop loss was only hit 6 times over 338 trades which brings us to an important observation in our settings … that our settings produced nearly 3 times as many trades during the same period of time as compared to the default settings.

Because our settings produced 3 times as many trades over the same period of time it was not difficult to recover from our occasional stop loss being hit.

Keep in mind that back testing results do not take in to account broker issues such as slippage and bad order execution so actual performance will vary, but what is important is that these broker issues affect the results equally to both tests shown here. Therefore, the relative difference in performance is the significant point to take away from this.

In short, if you’re trading with a decent broker our settings will produce superior results.

Get the FAP Turbo Settings for Scalper Mode Here

See how we crushed the default FAP Turbo settings for the long term strategy.

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RSS feed

Comment by Manuel Hernandez
2009-09-23 11:41:00

Why are USDCAD settings being listed under EURCHF? Is this a misprint? Are these settings for EURCHF but just mislabeled? I just don’t want to miss on the new settings.

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 20:38:26

Hi Manuel,

Yes it was unfortunately a typo. Under the EURCHF settings I mistyped the stop loss and take profit setting names with USDCAD instead of EURCHF.

For example, under the EURCHF settings I wrote Scalper_USDCAD_StopLoss when in fact I should have wrote Scalper_EURCHF_StopLoss.

The type has been fixed and I will send out an email about it shortly.


Comment by Stephen Conway
2009-09-23 13:30:25

Hi there

will your settings work for the FAP Turbo Evolution as well? I believe it uses the same currencies but I am not sure of the settings.

Many Thanks for your help

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 21:42:25

Hi Stephen,

The recently releases scalper settings were not tested on Evolution. We are currently testing them on Evolution though and hope to release new Evolution settings as soon as we’re done testing.

It’s likely they will be similar, but not exact. Only testing will answer that.


Comment by Ken
2009-09-23 21:51:50

i have to say you guys impress me, but i cannot pay through my master card because my country is not listed among the payment. So i have to ask if i can pay through alertpay, liberty, or graphcard?

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 23:08:48

Hi Ken,

Thanks so much for the kind comments and support.

Unfortunately we do not handle any of the processing for payments and have no control over it. If clickbank, the payment processing company does not support the payment methods you have available then my only suggestion is to find a friend or someone else who can help you make the purchase.

Sorry, I wish I could help you more.


Comment by stephen zuwala
2009-09-23 22:42:14

Hi Rob, first off I would like to thank you for this great website and all the settings that you post. I am still demo trading and your advice has improved my results. I hope to open a live account soon using the custom feed with gallant.I have 2 questions,first i went on a forex blog ,and a person suggested for better results on the scalper mode of fap turbo to change the settings aaa and bbb from the defaults of 35 and 48 to 20 and 8.What do these settings control and is there any merit in changing the default settings?Second question is I know you warn not to trade on holidays ,but what about trading on days with major financial announcements.Thanks and keep up the great work you do.

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 23:28:37

Hi Stephen,

You’re very welcome and thanks for the feedback, it’s great to hear my advice is improving your results! :)

The FapTurbo_aaa setting is used for one of the indicators used by FAP Turbo called the DeMarker indicator. The FapTurbo_bbb settings is used by another indicator called the WPR indicator.

There is some merit to changing these but it’s risky since FAP Turbo has not really divulged “how” they are using these indicators in their underlying rules for their robot.

A more complete discussion of these settings is beyond the scope of a blog comment but I will consider a longer blog post on them soon.

Regarding holiday trading and news day trading … yes generally the same rule applies.

However, with the scalping mode trades is in the off hours when there is generally no news being released … this is why the scalping times are considered more stable and suitable for scalping.


Comment by Sabahudin
2009-09-24 08:28:15


Nice results! With the default settings, you achieved around 17.4 %, whereas the new settings achieved around 61 %! However, what time-frame are we talking about here for the two different settings, so we can put it into perspective?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Best regards,


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 23:35:44

Thanks Sabahudin!

The time frame used in the test was, if I recall correctly, about 8 months. These results could have been achieved in a much shorter time frame had I been willing to take on more risk. I’m a fairly conservative trader by many peoples standards.

With the auto money management being used and a higher LotRiskReductor the account would have grown much faster because the position size would grow along with the account size and the curve would have been more exponential.

This is how the FAP Turbo guys were able to claim 100% a month in their sales page. It’s possible to do, but I don’t think the risk is worth it.

You can play with the risk levels to suite your own comfort levels.


Comment by Paul Hanych
2009-09-24 10:06:39

Hi Rob,

When will the settings for FAPT Evolution be available?
Please advise. Thanks.


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 23:39:05

Hi Paul,

We’ve had FAP Turbo Evolution settings available on the site for some time now under the FAP Turbo Evolution section on the sidebar menu.

We are in the middle of testing new settings which we are hoping to release any day now.


Comment by Jakob Senn
2009-09-24 21:38:36

Hi Rob,

THANK YOU for your great work. I will try your settings from today on.

I use fapturbo with your settings and FOREX Megadroid with the settings from (Benkjamin Cook) I have found my money making machine(s). No sitting in front of the computer, no stress ;-). I use as a VPS service. This combination works :-)

Best regards,
Jakob Senn

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-24 22:02:48

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for the feedback! :)

I’ve looked at the droid tactics settings for megadroid but have not tested them directly. It seems at this moment the droid tactics settings are closed because they are not working correctly? I’m not sure, but that seems to be the what the site says.

We have one account being used with but mostly use the free VPS that account that we get with our GallantFX members custom price feed account.


Comment by Jakob Senn
2009-09-25 07:42:33

@Rob Casey -

Hi Rob

The droid tactics settings were not closed because they did not work or don’t work. The site was closed due to the new version V. 1.20 and Benjamin Cook had to close it for a while in order to gurantee proper support for existing coustumers. “The recent changes in MegaDroid v1.20 have required me to re-asses the Advanced Droid Tactics methods and the optimal settings. For this reason I have decided to stop taking new customers until I can write up the latest settings. I will continue to support my existing customers as best as possible in light of these changes, but feel that it is not responsible to take on any new customers until I confirm that the ADT setups will still function properly and contain the most up-to-date settings.”

I use the settings, they work. Ben even informs you when not to trade with Megadroid like you do (last time regarding USDCAD, EURUSD with FAPT).

I like the mathematical approach, Ben has a university degree in economics and is working on his Phd.

I use the ADT settings (hybrid setup) and they work like your new settings on EURCHF and USDCAD. Last night was amazing! I use Alpari UK and had 8(!!!!!) winning trades (even more than on your GallantFX platform)!!!

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-25 07:54:18

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for pointing this out. I did in fact misinterpret the reason for the door being closed.

I actually have droid tactics and had been testing them a while ago and at that time they were working well. Though I haven’t followed them lately.

If they’re working for you then that’s awesome. I’ll certainly retry them when his new settings come out.


Comment by Bruce Watson
2009-09-27 20:41:17

I am seriously considering purchasing the Expert Guide, but I am wondering if it will provide settings that will work with a small account. My account with FXOpen is only $600, and every time I really start to get ahead, one or two big losses take me back nearly to the starting point ($500). I’m not looking for any secret information, just whether or not it is designed to work for me.

Comment by Betsy
2009-09-28 00:32:42

Hi Rob,

I have demo traded with GallantFX and your FABT 47 settings with excellent results on usdcad and eurchf.

I am going live with a GallantFX account on your referred feed. I have decided to begin by live trading only one pair, usdcad, as that pair netted me the greatest profits on the demo.
I have set up FAPT 48 with your newest scalper settings on my live account.
Based on the fact that we must trade a minimum of 0.1 lot size with Gallant:
1. What do you recommend for an opening account size to trade one pair?
2. What size account if trading both usdcad and eurchf?

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. I am very grateful for all of your support and expertise.


Comment by John Young
2009-09-28 18:52:14

The Eur/USD settings are indeed “kicking ass” on a 5000 demo account with ITFX trader. However the lot size trade is too large for my $1000 “live account”. Should the FapTurboLotsRiskReductor be changed to 0.2 in order to give me a lot size of 0.1?

By the way the ITFX is a Canadian broker which claims to be a pass through account allowing trading on the actual forex exchange and charges a commission for each trade.

Could you take a look at this broker? So far I’ve been pleased with it.

Comment by Gajendran C
2009-10-01 10:05:55

Hi Rob,
Thanks for this wonderful Site. I have been using your settings with V47 and now with V48 as well.

I am trading on a small account started with 500$, these settings really have been very effective and I take this opportunity to thank you.

Thanks a lot & Keep this going..

Comment by Aldrin Tan
2009-10-01 14:37:56

HI Rob,
can I use the fapturbo and fapturbo expert guide on FXOpen broker?

Comment by Martin Allen
2009-10-02 15:23:56

Hi Rob,

I also have Forex Megadroid and it trades occasionally and almost always positively. However, I use the default settings as I wasn’t aware that there were guys out there with better settings. Can you offer better settings and if so, how do I go about accessing them?

Best wishes,


Comment by susan howard
2009-10-04 15:07:25

Hi Rob,
My question is from a Canadian perspective. Your guide is obviously geared to Americans. All your SETTINGS AND ADIVSE is directed to U.S. currency.

So how do I process your information as a Canadian? It seems to me that I will have at least one extra step to consider at some point, for example, the exchange rate between the U.S. and the Cdn. dollar. If I don’t then I could reduce my profits as a Canadian.

Do I request an account in Canadian funds through my broker right off the bat, if such a thing even exists?, or do I hold everything in a U.S. account and worry about converting it to Cdn. funds later?

What is the best setup for me, remembering that all your invaluable knowledge as and expert is being used by a Canadian?

Thanks so much,

P.S. I think your guide and the way you’ve set it up is the best thing that could happen to the UNrich, INEXPERIENED “LITTLE GUY” who would like to get even a step or two ahead in life!!

Comment by John
2009-10-07 03:57:20

Hi Rob,
I bought Fabturbo when it first came out knowing it would support further development to better programs , I wonder how do we go about getting or up grading to your better improved versions, Kindest Regards John
(I will also have a very interesting neural network project that you may consider being involved with next year if interested email me at back)


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