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FAP Turbo 48 Released

The FAP Turbo team just announced the release of FAP Turbo 48, the latest update for the popular EA.

Unfortunately they did not provide much detail on what they “actually” updated so at this time I recommend people continue to trade with their current FAP Turbo version 47.

I’m going to do my best to uncover the differences between version 47 and the new FAP Turbo 48 from both the FAP Turbo team and from my own testing.

If you are inclined to try the new version fap turbo 48 then you’ll find it in the download area of the fap turbo website.

Lastly, as always, we will update the FAP Turbo Expert Guide and our FAP Turbo settings to reflect the new version once we nail it down.

Rob Casey

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2009-09-01 17:38:55

Hi Rob, you say better not upgrade just yet which is fine by me but do I have to upgrade before the due date on my FTv47 which is 13th Sept 09?

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-02 06:13:10

Hi Eddie,

I’m pretty sure we will all have to upgrade when it expires on the 13th unless they somehow extend the expiry period.

It’s a pretty simple process to upgrade. I’m going to find out a bit more about v48 before upgrading. I’ll post more shortly on v48.


Comment by arthur walters
2009-09-04 11:28:49

hi there i have allready upgraded to build 225 is there any adjustments i need to make thanks

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Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 22:50:22

If you’ve upgraded your metatrader to build 225 them you just need to be sure you copies the correct version of the fapturbo file to the experts folder on your computer.

For v48 build 225 you’d want to be using the file FapTurbo48_Build225.ex4. Just place this in the folder called “experts” which you will find in the folder where you installed your metatrader application.


Comment by Teguh
2009-09-02 14:08:04

Please update your fapturbo3.dll at member area for extend your licenses.


Comment by Mark Whittaker
2009-09-06 22:32:10

No you don’t you just have to follow teir comments on using the right DLL (Direct Link Library) because that is where your permissions are in using the current one. (Maybe if you ask the guru at fapturbo they will tell you which DLL to use to keep making money on your current EA version you like the best)

Comment by Stephen Smith
2009-09-02 14:31:58

You said you were working on settings for the long term strategy. Is this on hold until you review v48?

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 22:56:13

Hi Stephen,

I’m writing the new long term strategy settings pages as we speak. I was about to post them the day they announced the new v48 release and though it best to hold off and double check them.

The new long term term setting for EURUSD will be available late this evening in the members area.

I think you’re all going to be quite surprised with what I’ve found and what I have to share! … I certainly was :)

I’ll announce it in the members newsletter as well as make a post about it.


Comment by Tom Abbott
2009-09-02 23:54:39

On the FAP TURBO site it says that you can continue to use the old version if you download and install the new fapturbo3.dll

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 23:34:56

Hi Tom,

That is correct. As Teguh and Mark pointed out earlier in the thread, you can do this because it’s the dll that contains the licensing.

However, the changes they made to v48 are minor and are mostly changes to default settings so I see no reason not to upgrade. I’ll be doing a post on this later today.


Comment by Bob Bramhill
2009-09-04 01:51:55

Hi Rob,

Is it possible to use two Fapturbo EAs on the same account - I’m thinking to get twice the gains.


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 23:40:07

Hi Bob,

Yes it is possible. If you do be sure to change the “Magic Number” setting for one of them so the number is not the same as the other EA. The number is arbitrary and is only used to identify the EA precisely. I would keep the same number of digits in the magic number but just change a single digit.

Keep in mind though that while the scalper mode of FAP Turbo does not use hedging, if you run more than one EA (regardless if they are the same EA or not) you could have hedging problems with the account that go against the new NFA no Hedging rules.

If you are not trading with NFA broker then it doesn’t matter and you have no hedging issues.

This is one of the reasons I trade with GallantFX using our custom feed.


Comment by eric
2009-09-05 16:30:38

Hi Rob just bought my copy of fap turbo so i guess this will be V48 and am very interested in learning what changes to the settings you would suggest if any. I went over several web site on fap turbo and its clear you are the ’secret’ at turning a novice to a pro on how to use fap turbo and your expert guide is definately a must have.It appears you are teaching us how to handle this loaded gun and point it to the right direction. And am sure I will be speaking for many when I say thank you for precious time and invaluable insights…
You offered a free copy of your guide with purchases made through the link you provided in your news letter…
I used this link and ordered my copy on the 2nd of september and submitted to you the click bank order # as you suggested; to claim my free copy. I am yet to get a response. Please let me know if the bonus offer is still available. I have no intention on using fap turbo until I have gone through your guide and try out the recommendations on demo. Shot myself too many times in the past(lol)


Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 23:50:29

Hi Eric,

Yes Eric, we do still offer the guide for free for those who purchase FAP Turbo using our link (which only appears in the first newsletter email after signing up for the newsletter).

After speaking with Kimberly, one of our support staff, it turns out that you did not include your Clickbank order# when you requested your free guide.

Kimberly responded to your email asking for the order number but never received a response back from you. PLEASE check your spam/junk folder as this is probably where that email ended up.

And please send us your clickbank order # for the FAP Turbo purchase you made through our link and we’ll send you the guide right away.

Looking forward to having you on board!


Comment by Jim McCormick
2009-09-06 14:42:00

Hi Rob:

When you post more on V48, would you please describe the process for installing the new version. This will be my first upgrade, and the “how-to” is not described in the fapturbo members area.


Jim McCormick

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 23:53:34

Hi Jim,

No problem. The process is pretty straight forward as long as you can copy files to folders on your computer you’ll have no problems. I’ll post more in a new post shortly.


Comment by Rob Spendlove
2009-09-08 16:24:08

Hi Rob

I saw you mention in a post a week or so back that you were going to suggest some settings on the Eur/USD long term strategy. Do you
have these or did I miss them?


Rob S

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 23:54:43

Hi Rob,

You didn’t miss them. They are being posted tonight to the members area. They were delayed in order for me to check them on the new v48.


Comment by michael saward
2009-09-09 15:16:01

Hi All,
I found it so difficult to upgrade to V48. I e-mailed FapTurbo support who never seem to actually answer the question. To say remove V47 and replace with V48 - it will work, was totally useless to me especially having eagerly waited for 48 hours for the requested step-by-step guide to upgrading, fortunately ForexhosterVPS were more accomodating when asked and quickly updated to V48 within 4 hours of my requesting their help - thoroughly recommend their service.

Comment by Stephen Smith
2009-09-11 03:52:15

Hi Rob,
It’s been a while since you advised the iminent posting of long term settings and the review of v48. How are things progressing and when can we expect some news. Thanks.

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-11 23:58:39

Hi Stephen,

please see above comments on this issues.


Comment by Birgit Werling
2009-09-11 05:47:53

Hi Rob,
could you find out anything about the v48 upgrade as the due date is on 13th September?

Comment by Rob Casey
2009-09-12 00:00:07

Hi Brigit,

A new post is going to be put up on this tonight. The short of it is that v48 is fine and no reason not to upgrade.

I’ll post more on a new post tonight.


Comment by Mike Saward
2009-09-14 22:11:49

Hi again,
For those who read my earlier comments concerning FapTurbo. Following a successful week with VPS and version 47 - I had VPS download V48 and traded this for a week - until Fapturbo put up a box reminding me to download V48 as 47 had now expired.! Now nothing is working and I am fed up with e-mailing Fapturbo support where they don’t even read my question - let alone reply!
How can someone produce such a good EA - and yet be unable to understand the basic written word.

Again I must contact VPS hoping they can switch this back on.
Mike Saward


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